There is one digital phone model available in two colors, Charcoal- Gray or Off-White, so you
can choose the appropriate color phone for each room in your house. You can also choose to
wall-mount the phones, which is great for high-traffic rooms in your home like the kitchen. For
added mobility, we offer “The Wanderer,” a 2.4 GHz cordless handset that has a range up to
250 feet.* The STARPLUS STS HOME system also supports single-line corded and cordless
telephones, giving you a virtually unlimited selection of phone models.
FCC Certified – You can rest assured when choosing the STARPLUS STS HOME Telephone
System, as it is FCC certified for residential use.

System Capacity 12 x 24 x 2 – The STARPLUS STS HOME System starts at 4x8x2 and can
expand up to twelve individual phone lines from your telephone service provider. It also
expands up to 24 digital stations and comes standard with two analog ports for connecting
equipment such as FAX machines. Additional analog devices can be added to the system
through the Fax/Modem jacks on each phone or the use of a special card in the system.

One Phone Model Loaded with Features – Vodavi has packed all the features you need in one
handsome, easy-to-use speakerphone. The STS phone has 24 flexible buttons that can be
programmed to monitor stations in use, enable one-touch speed dial, place intercom calls and
much more. The phone also has 3 interactive soft keys positioned directly below the 2x24
character display that enable quick access to common system features. The speakerphone
enables convenient hands-free use and the volume control independently controls both
handset and speaker volume.

Features To Complement The Way You Live

Name and Number Caller ID on every digital phone**
– Now you can know who is calling
before you pick up the phone, from any STARPLUS STS phone in the house.

Flexible Buttons – Each STARPLUS STS phone has 24 programmable, flexible buttons that can
be utilized for a variety of functions, giving you one-touch access to a host of system features.
Room Monitoring – You can monitor a room from any STARPLUS STS phone in the house,
provided the monitored room also has a STARPLUS STS phone.

Paging and Intercom – No more yelling around the house to call the family to dinner, just place
a page to every STARPLUS STS phone in the house. You can also use the intercom feature to
communicate with other members of the household directly.

Conference Calling – You can conference up to 8 parties by using this built-in feature of the
STARPLUS STS phone system rather than a conferencing service. This can be a great cost
savings for in-home businesses or a great way to gather the extended family for a group call.

Custom Ringing Choices – The system can be programmed with distinctive rings for each
phone in the house (up to 36 choices). If you have multiple phone lines, you may prefer the
system to ring differently for each line instead.

Fax/Modem Jack on Every Phone – This eliminates the need for redundant wiring and multiple
wall jacks, thus reducing the wire clutter in your house. This is also a convenient way to
expand the system’s capacity if you need more than 24 phone/fax devices on the system.

Dialing Restrictions – If, for example, you want to limit certain phones from dialing long
distance, this can be easily handled by the system.

Night Service – The system can be programmed, for instance, not to ring in children’s rooms
at night.
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Starplus STS
STARPLUS STS HOME Telephone System
Refreshingly Simple, Fully-Featured Phone System for
Your Home

The STARPLUS STS HOME Telephone System
is a single electronic cabinet about the size of a
microwave, only narrower. Much like a computer, it has
card slots inside that allow the system to operate in
various capacities based on your specific needs.