Maximum Capacities

One Cabinet - 48 CO lines
and 96 Stations up to 136

Two Cabinets - 144 lines and
192 Stations up to 280 ports.

Three Cabinets - 144 lines
and 252 Stations up to 376

Four to Six Cabinets - 216
lines and 492 Stations up to
600 ports.  Cabinet count
depends on configuration.
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Vodavi XTS
Vodavi XTS Digital Telephone System

"XTS" stands for eX-pandable Telephone System. Our newest
system is stackable, scalable and can accommodate
businesses requiring up to 600 universal ports.
With the technology available today, the list of business
communications applications seems endless. Call centers,
computer telephony integration, e-mail, the Internet, ISDN,
networking, voice mail and wireless may all be part of your
communications system.You need a system you can build a
solid foundation on – one that is prepared to handle the
communications possibilities of the future.The XTS digital
platform removes the complexity and takes you where you want
to go.
Improve Employee Productivity and Customer Service

- Directory dial, speed dial and last number redial make placing
calls fast and easy.
- Programmable buttons allow one-touch access to frequently
used features.
- Display phones have interactive soft keys for quick access to
common features.
- Caller ID capability indicates who is calling before you pick up
the phone.
- Automatic Park and Page can provide a 24-hour attendant
without personnel.
- Off Hook Voice Over enables supervisors to monitor and coach
personnel during live calls.
- Reduce long-distance costs with Least Call Routing, Call
Costing, Programmable Toll Restriction and optional
- Built-in relays allow the system to control doors, paging
equipment, and even process control.
- Up to 8 conference connections means you can conference
without the use of a conference call provider.
- Voice mail is supported through seamless integration with
Vodavi TalkPath or PathFinder, our Windows®-based voice
processing platform.
- Incoming callers can dial extensions directly with optional DID
(Direct Inward Dialing), DNIS (Direct Number Identification
Service) and ANI (Automatic Number Identification).
- High-speed digital T1 and PRI (ISDN) Highlights Now
Expandable to 600 Ports! “XTS” stands for eX-pandable
Telephone System.Our award-winning system is stackable,
scalable and can accommodate businesses requiring
anywhere from 12 to 492 stations, of which 400 can be digital.

The XTS has uniform architecture that can be configured from one
to six cabinets, so you can start small, and then add cabinets as
your business grows.*

* Larger master processor (MPB2) required for growth beyond one
cabinet. Expanded master processor (MPBE) required for growth
beyond three cabinets.
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