Flexibility. Mobility. Affordability. These are attributes business owners demand in today’s
highly dynamic communications enterprise. In the effort to improve overall business productivity
and profitability, enterprise customers expect flexible solutions that offer a wide range of
options in order to meet the simplest to more complex applications. From branch office
solutions with remote workers utilizing IP communications to the customary office application
requiring traditional telephony, today’s businesses seek the seamless, affordable convergence
of both these worlds.  Using the Vodavi XTSc telephone system, you can now deploy a single
converged platform that supports both IP and traditional applications. So depending on the
technology that suits your needs today, you can be confident that your initial investment in
Vodavi’s XTSc will be protected as you add new applications in the future.
Interested in VoIP? The XTSc Delivers  
Utilizing the same Discovery VoIP interface as the Vodavi XTS system, fully-functional IP
extensions can be added to the XTSc system. This is a great way to fold remote workers into
your workgroup.  Additionally, if you’re planning on adding to your physical work space, you
can avoid having to run both telecom and data infrastructure to your new space. You can
utilize the data network for shared voice/data use with the XTSc and Discovery VoIP.
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Vodavi XTSc

Maximum Capacities

The XTSc is a single cabinet unit
that starts as a 4 x 8 x 2 (4 CO
lines, 8 stations, 2 analog ports)
and can grow to 28 x 44 x 2.  It
has 5 universal expansion slots
that can be used for station, CO,
ISDN, In-skin voicemail or VoIP
Full-featured Communications in a Compact Package
All the Features You Expect from a
Phone System, and Then Some

The Vodavi XTSc range of service starts at
8 stations and grows to a maximum of 44
stations. It shares the same internal
components as Vodavi’s larger, scalable
XTS communications system so when
growth extends beyond 44 stations, your
phone system can grow with you. Should
you need to migrate to the larger 600 port
XTS platform, simply replace the cabinetry
and master processor component of your
XTSc system.  The XTSc also comes with
the same robust feature set as our larger
XTS system. For a smaller initial
investment you get all the communications
capability you’ll need. From placing
conference calls to Least- Cost Routing,
Direct Inward Dial to Caller ID, AC&P - Able
Cable & Phones can build an XTSc system
to support all your needs. Optional
applications such as Voice Mail, CTI, ACD
and VoIP are all easy add-ons.
* System accommodates one VoIP card
expandable from 2 to 8 ports.
Perfect for Multi-branch Locations

The XTSc can enable your dispersed
workgroup to act as one team, whether across
the street or across the country. When
networked, the XTSc can be used as a hub or
node system in conjunction with other XTSc
systems or even our larger XTS system.  
Networking allows users to perform the same
functions with remote users as they do within
their own building… features such as 4-digit
dialing between users, easy transfers,
intercom, paging and more. In networked
applications, PathFinder offers centralized

Voicemail Flexibility
The XTSc has an optional In-skin 8-port Flash
voicemail system that supports 64 mailboxes
and comes standard with 3-hours of memory
that can be expanded to 9 hours.**  If a more
robust voicemail system is desired, our
flagship PathFinder Windows®-based system
is recommended.